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Upto 2 times of your average banked salary, subject to credit score.
Passport copy, Proof of income (salary letter or pay-slip or 3 months’ bank statement) and a security cheque for the approved credit limit. Other Employers – Passport copy, Salary Certificate, 3 months’ bank statement and a security cheque
5% of the outstanding amount or AED 100 whichever is higher.
30% of credit limit for blue, gold & platinum cards. 70% for titanium cards.
There are normally two places you'll go to get finance - the car dealer (whether second hand or new), or directly from a bank. If you arrange financing from the dealer, you'll be getting money from a bank or financial institute anyway but sometimes you get a better deal, and probably better service. Other possibilities include, borrowing money from friends or family, borrowing from a loan shark, or stealing money. None of those alternatives are recommended.
Auto Loans are generally for 2, 3, or 4 years (24, 36, 48 months). Occasionally loans for up to 5 years or longer are available. Personal loans are mostly for 1-5 years.
You'll need something like (originals and copies):
  • Passport with residence visa.
  • Emirates ID (if requested might not be essential if you have residence visa).
  • UAE driving license.
  • A salary letter or certificate (your company will know what to provide).
  • 3-6 months bank statements.
  • Details of the car you want to buy - just telling the bank isn't enough, you'll need the paperwork from the dealer. This can be difficult if you want to arrange a Auto Loans in advance for a second hand private vehicle purchase, you will probably find it easier to get a personal loan in this case.

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